A lot of people struggle with financial issues in some of their lives. Being unable to pay off the debts can cause a lot of stress. The more the bills begin to pile up, the harder it becomes to manage them. This can even lead one to lose track of the debts that they are in. In such a situation, you must opt for Debt Consolidation Newmarket. When you work with a credit counsellor, they help provide you with options that can help with your debt situations. When it comes to debt, you must’ve heard a lot about a consumer proposal. Here is all that you need to know about it.

What do you understand by consumer proposal?

A consumer proposal is a negotiated agreement between you and the creditor, which is carried out by a consumer proposal administrator. When this agreement is negotiated, a legal document is prepared which will provide you protection from debt collectors. The agreement includes details of partial repayment of the total unsecured debt which is owed, along with which the creditors will write off the remaining balance. The process of a consumer proposal needs inputs from a debt relief specialist who understands the law and loopholes to be used while getting the creditor on board.

How is it different from bankruptcy?

Recently, Consumer proposals have become one of those opted for solutions when it comes to debt problems. For a really long time, most people preferred to opt for bankruptcy in an insolvency case. Bankruptcy is a more drastic solution as compared to a consumer proposal. The repercussions of choosing this method can be really hard-hitting. When you do opt for this process, some of the assets that you own can be seized by the creditors. The expectations of the assets to be seized vary from province to province. Whereas, when it comes to consumer proposals there are no assets that are seized. It helps you to retain ownership of all your assets. It is a less drastic solution than bankruptcy.

Why should you reach out to a credit counsellor?

When you are in debt, you need to make smart decisions. At this really stressful time of your life, people around you might give you suggestions. But one wrong step can take you deeper into the rabbit hole than ever before. When it comes to financial solutions, no one approach fits all. Hence, it is only imperative that you reach out to a credit counsellor. Sharing your financial concerns with them will help you to find the perfect solution.

You would be required to share a clear and in-depth picture of your debt situation. Based on various factors like your lifestyle, income and debt, the credit counsellor will provide you with options that will help you to get into a better place financially. The aim of the counsellor is to help you pay off your debt in a smarter manner. They will share tips on how to remain financially sound for a long time.

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