Step By Step Process of Making Transactions Through Google Pay

With the introduction of online payment platforms, people can do transactions from anywhere to anywhere in the world. The pandemic has pushed online transactions more as there is no contact between the customers and merchants. Even before the pandemic, people were using online transactions but post that, there has been a steep rise in the demand and usage for online transactions. There are several online platforms in India, but Google Pay is one of the most popular ones used by the masses.

Google Pay was introduced by Google to let people directly transfer money from their bank account to another bank account with the help of just a mobile number. This mobile number is supposed to be their registered mobile number with their bank account. As a payee, you can do as many transactions as your Google Pay limit per day allows.

Reasons for the popularity of Google Pay

Google Pay facilitates online payments easily and conveniently. Additionally, here are a few benefits of Google Pay:

●     Simple to Use

It’s very simple to use as it requires only your mobile number which is registered with your bank account. You can just ask the mobile number to which you want to send your money.

●     Rewards

One of the best things is that the application provides various rewards to the people in every transaction. You can even earn while referring the app to a friend.

●     Works in sync with any bank account

One thing that makes this application very popular is that it covers almost all the banks across the country. One cannot face any problem regarding the registration of banks. You can make as many transactions as you want, just keeping the Google pay limit per day in mind. To know more about your limit in detail, you can check out the URL

●     Fast and Secure

Google is the one name that everyone in the world knows. The security of the app is very good which makes the transactions very secure across different platforms.

How to make transactions through Google Pay?

You can easily transfer money across bank accounts using Google Pay as per your Google Pay limit per day. The step-by-step processes are as follows:

●     Install the app

Open Google Play Store on your Android device or Apple store. After opening the play store, type Google Pay in the search bar. Download Google Pay using your mobile data or from the Wi-Fi.

●     Sign up and login

The platform will prompt you to provide a mobile number. You should provide the number which is linked with your bank accounts. The number will be registered with the help of automatic OTP detection. It is advisable to sign in with your Google account. The whole instructions are given by the app itself and it’s very easy to implement.

●     Add your bank account

After you are done with registration and login credentials, you should add your bank account. In fact, you can add multiple bank accounts which are linked to your mobile number. Go to your profile and there you will get the option of adding your account. Search your bank account from the search bar and click it. You will be prompted to send a message from your sim. Google pay will automatically read the OTP sent by your bank account and you will be able to register the account.

●     Send money to bank account/mobile number

You can go and click on “New Payment” and choose the desired option of sending money to a mobile number, bank account, or UPI id. You can make as many transactions as per your Google pay limit per day.

●     Transactions via QR code

You can scan the QR code of a merchant and you will be taken to a screen where you will be prompted to pay using the app’s platform. Keep your Google pay limit per day in mind while making the transactions.

With the rise of online paying platforms, Google Pay has proved to be an easy and best option across merchants and customers. The less hassle between wallets and access to savings accounts makes the application more favorable to the common people.

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